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About the service was founded in 2010 by the two-man company Interbit, that is specialized in creating new, innovative Internet solutions.

interbitWe realized that small associations, companies and student unions are in need of a simple service to handle their submissions for events. Normally submissions are sent via e-mail or entered on bulletin boards, which leads to the arrangers having to spend lots of time sorting and go through all the lists. Lots of unions have their own webpages where the submissions could be handled electronically, but the lack of competence often leads to a non-working online form - or no form at all. Our main idea with is that you can have your own form running in just 5 minutes, after which you as an arranger can concentrate on other matters regarding the event you are planning. When the event finally is near you can print lists of all participants, and thereby save several hours of work!

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Interbit avoin yhtiö
Finnish business identity code: 2276115-0
Billstensvägen 5, 10330 Billnäs, Finland

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